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I am glad you are here because that means you want to use my book and brand it with your very own links and then share it with others. I am simply delighted that I am able to offer this to you and others in the industry!

Some information and guidelines for you before getting started:

  1. How will this book help you make money? By using it in conjunction with the marketing system we recommend inside the book.

    Before proceeding you should be signed up for the marketing system recommended on pages 14, 65, 80

  2. I've spent countless hours creating this book. It has been professionally edited, and I had one of the best designers work on it! I did all of this FOR YOU!

    Why?  So that YOU CAN USE IT (for free) to help other network marketers while introducing them to your marketing system (from the ad space inside the book you get for free).

  3. You may not edit any information inside the book. In other words, please do not change or copy any part of the book. The material is copyrighted.

    However, by filling out the form on this page, you will brand your marketing link on my book to use for your own purposes.

  4. Your job is simple!  Set up your marketing system, then share your personally branded book with as many networkers as you can.  The book will do the rest for you! Add your link on facebook, twitter, your email signature, etc. 

The more people you get to read your branded book the more traffic you will generate through your marketing system!

    Have fun!  I sincerely hope this helps YOU generate an additional income stream and allows you to network with other professinal marketers.

    To Your Success,


    Dave Vass


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